Big Infrastructure, Small Biz, Huge Advantage

Utilizing available technologies and resources to perform otherwise complicated and time-consuming tasks allows operators both a huge time savings and the energy to get back to their roots of hospitality…the personal touch a computer simply cannot offer. 

We have added links to help guide you through the exploratory process, most of which are simply examples of what is available.  Choosing the best fit is dependent on your business and your priorities!

  • What is infrastructure?
  1. Organizational structures, facilities, resources and services needed for the operation of an enterprise
  •  Optimal coordination of resources, processes and operational tools necessary to ensure sustainable, profitable and replicable growth
  • Infrastructure in 3 forms
  • Physical resources involved in a business such as the building, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, walkways, parking, roads, etc. 
    • Technological systems that support business functions
    • Organizational structure of human resources (Org. Chart)
  • Advantages
  • Allows small business to posture like resource-rich large business
    • Sustainable, profitable and replicable growth
      • Sustainability
        • Good technological infrastructure minimizes time/energy spent on potentially automated tasks
        • Productivity increase – Better product & services
        • Efficiency
        • Employee satisfaction
          • Everyone knows what to do, when and how
          • Increased Effectiveness of rapid communication
      • Replicability day after day = Consistency
        • While the human is a necessary component of hospitality, inanimate tools do not make mistakes; are able to organize/process impossible amounts of data
      • Profitability
        • Stringent management of hard data (especially money in and money out)
        • Resource allocation based on data, not emotion
        • Pinpoint accuracy
        • P&L Trend Analysis
        • Educated & Strategic decision making
  • Technological Infrastructure
  • Disadvantages
    • Technology is dependent on electricity
      • Requires a contingency in the case of Emergency
        • Crash kit
    • Leans toward impersonal experience by way of less f2f interaction
    • Can be expensive initially
      • Requires capital resources
      • ROI is not always immediate
    • Requires monitoring, maintenance and upkeep/updating  


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