They Make 100’s of Decisions When You Are Not Around

Every, single one of us makes hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions daily.  The quality of decision typically dictates the outcome of how our day progresses, or at least until we hit the next intersection.   

As a leader, you are typically more advanced in both experience and quality of decision-making as a result of you learning throughout the years.  Even with this, we all still make some pretty bad decisions.   

Your staff probably is not as experienced, mature, driven, or dedicated as you are.  After all, that is probably why were appointed to lead them!  If you are capable of making bad decisions, imagine what they are capable of.

Many times, you catch them in the act of making a bad decision and are able to offer some sort of consult that leads to a better outcome.  Exponentially more times than that, they make decisions without your presence. 

Nervous?  Maybe you should be!  How do you know they are making the best decisions on your company’s behalf?


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