Tips and tricks to increase the acceptance rate:

Who should you be targeting?

  • Executive assistant and office managers.
  • Public and private school staff.
  • City and county government.
  • Large businesses within 4 miles of your restaurant.
  • Everyone in your business card giveaway program.
  • The people on your email list.

Use filters such as 2nd & 3rd connections and city locations.

Write and save invitation message template. 

  • Personalize your message with the contact’s first name.  
  • Introduce yourself and explain why you want to join his/her network.
  • Add signature with your email address & phone number, but without links;

Most people will check your profile before accepting a request. Make sure your profile is up to date with relevant information. 

It’s a good practice to cancel old pending invitations that are left unaccepted. We recommend having less than 400 pending invites, i.e. you need to withdraw them every 3 weeks to avoid any issues with LinkedIn.

The next move is to use your company‘s page on LinkedIn and ask them to follow.

Post daily. Make sure that it is LinkedIn-appropriate. 

  • Talk about the brand story
  • Talk about the process of what you are doing and how you are doing it
  • Show them what you are doing, what you are making, talk about the recipes talk about what inspired you to make the dish. Pro tip use LinkedIn live
  • Catering
  • Are you hiring?
  • Community-related events
  • Other local businesses
  • Your vendors
  • Food photography

Engage, Engage, Engage!!!!!

  • Respond to DM‘s. Ask if there’s anything you can do better.
  • Like 30 post a day
  • Comment on 5 post


How to engage with your community and get amazing results. You have seen the specials that Chipotle has done where a local organization gets a percentage of sales. A friend of the show and a great operator, Angelo Gonzales III of Lee Angelo’s 

out of Akron and Aurora, Ohio, does some of the best community outreach programs I have ever seen. 


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