Learn To Attract, Build, & Retain Your Customers with Matt Plapp

We are super jazzed to get this content out there!

Matt Plapp is the founder of America’s Best Restaurants and an absolute champion of the independent restaurant.
To say we are aligned in spirit is an understatement.

This is another instance where the guest has more actionable content to share than we can fit in one episode…so we made three!

Episode 104, How to Attract Your Customers’ Attention and Drive Restaurant Sales, is the first to drop. Conveniently enough, attraction is the first priority of marketing, the very arena that Matt happens to excel at.
Grab a pen and a notebook; you’ll want to pay attention – Matt takes us on a trip down the path of how he stumbled upon the true value of leveraging data, how important your online presence is, how to manage it and how to simplify the marketing effectiveness of your business!

 https://americasbestrestaurants.com/w… Learn the secrets to growing your restaurant by attracting attention, building a database and retaining customers at go.mattplapp.com/link 

Visit America’s Best Restaurants: https://www.youtube.com/americasbestr…


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