As promised, here is the second installment with restaurant marketing savant, Matt Plapp

Matt is the founder of America’s Best Restaurants and as we have previously stated, is a staunch supporter of all things independent restaurants. 

A.B.R. is the acronym that serves as, and simplifies, Matt’s playbook – Attract, Build and Retain. 
In this episode, he gives us a glimpse of how he stumbled into early tech adoption and how he still uses the very same strategic principles today. 

In breaking things down for us lay-people, marketing to customers is analogous to how he pursued his spouse – he put himself out there with his best foot forward, he collected and compiled data (her important dates, her preferences, her dislikes, etc.) into a mental cache, and retained her by acting on said data. 

Put into these terms, the sometimes vague and daunting marketing process becomes borderline commonsensical!




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