Celebrating your restaurant’s anniversary:

Take the opportunity to celebrate every milestone at your restaurant. It is a great opportunity to thank your customers and staff.  You should look at your anniversary as a marketing opportunity. Take an entire month and thank your guests, employees, suppliers and the community for supporting you. Putting together a strong strategic marketing plan can drive top-line revenue. 

Here are some ideas that you can try to make your marketing month a success:

  • giveaways prizes and raffles
  • LTO: Run a featured item that customers love and they can only get during your anniversary month.  
  • Hire a band: People love live music and it can be a focal point of an event. 
  • Flyers with all to-go orders: Put a flyer in every to-go order that details all of the LTOs, Events, Giveaways, etc. 
  • Posters / Signs: Make sure that you have signage in the unit so that customers know what and when events are having. 
  • News Media. Get the Media at your event. Have them interview the Chef about the food or the Owner about the restaurant’s origin story. 
  • Influencers: Reach out to every influencer you know. Give them $100 of gift cards to give out to their community. 
  • Collect Customer Data: Ask people to sign up for your loyalty program for the opportunity to win one of several anniversary giveaways. 
  • Special Guest: Invite a special guest that you can have at the restaurants for a meet-and-greet or AMA.


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