• What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed
  • How your menu is performing
    • Theoretical vs. Reality
    • So, your food cost is high.  How do you know?
  • How your team is performing
    • More than price, staff affects COGS more than anything
      • Pricing, Portioning, Pouring
  • Keeping your fingers on the pulse tells the story of profitability
    • Great, you’re making money, but are you making as much as you should make?

How? – The Best Way

  • Know your costs
  • Know your recipes
  • Know your portions (build sheets)
  • Have all 3 in check?  Get to calculating…

How? – The Easy Way

  • Q-Factor System (Episode 86)
    • Use the “Best Way” to cost out some side dishes, average out.
    • Round up and add this to your Center of the Plate Cost for each dish.  Then, Divide by Sales Price.

How – the Easiest Way

  • Add up purchases for the week and divide sales
    • For food, use food purchases and food sales
    • For beverages, use beverage purchases and beverage sales
  • Manage carefully and patiently with this system


  • Yeild %
  • FC %
  • Gross Profit
  • Prime Costs


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