Managing & delegating, or leading & empowering, that is the question.

According to Roger Beaudoin, the founder and CEO of Restaurant Rockstars, this is the paradigm shift that has to happen in your organization prior to being on your way to building that rockstar cast.

After a super successful 25+ years of owning restaurants, Roger’s passion has now shifted to helping other restaurant owners crush it!

He has recorded some 325 episodes of his industry leading podcast, he coaches and consults on a global level with independent operators, he is an author, founder of Sales Stars Staff Training and has created an entire course collection under the Restaurant Rockstars Academy monicker as well as recently co-founding the SRV Training app.

We’re not entirely sure when Roger sleeps with everything he has going on!

In this episode, Roger, Brian and Anthony discuss what Roger has seen and learned recently in regard to restaurant staffing as well as what he thinks is the secret to building that team that will carry your organization to the top!

Roger Beaudoin is the founder and CEO of Restaurant Rockstars. After a super successful 20+ years of owning restaurants, Roger’s passion has shifted to helping other restaurant owners crush it in this industry.
– Roger works with restaurants on a global level.
– Host of The Restaurant Rockstars Podcast
– Author of Rock Your Restaurant Book, a game-changing guide to restaurant finances
– Creator of the Sales Stars Staff Training Program
– Creator of The Restaurant Rockstars Academy 


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