Roger Beaudoin

Founder of Restaurant Rockstars Podcast and Educational Platform, Operator, Author, Consultant

How to Create Raving Fans of Your Restaurants

There are no better means of garnering repeat customers than to develop a fanbase.  Considering this, shouldn’t everyone want raving fans? 

So, how to get there?  Oddly enough, it starts with your team.  While we don’t often think of them in this realm, they are the foundation.  They are your sales force, internal marketers, your job recruiters, and customer retention team all wrapped up into one!   Given this, they must be fans before anyone else can be!

Let’s not get the cart before the horse, though.

You first have to give something for people to be fans of.  It begins with how you run your operation – if it is a quality organization with the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, you most likely have great food and great service.  Now, you are off and running!  If not, time to sharpen that pencil, especially in the realms of staff training which directly leads to the quality of the food and beverage aspect we’ve just alluded to. 

With this, you have the technical aspects down.  Next, you’ll need that focus on not only the way you treat your people but the way your people treat your people.  It has to be that “family” atmosphere for all involved.  Nothing less. 

Make them feel at home, comfortable and special.  Educate them, train them, help them along on that “magical journey” as Roger dubs it. 

After all, and according to Roger, what we do is show business.  Your staff is the cast, and your guests are the audience.  What are you doing to make sure they ask for that encore?


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