Uncharted territory, but it’s about time we got here!  
For this episode, we sat down with Sanitarian extraordinaire, Andrew Harris of the Summit County Health Department.  

What we hoped to gain from this conversation is some insight into how to best manage and leverage the relationship that we all have with our local regulatory authority…as well as a few things to keep top of mind at all times in your daily travels in food service.  

The most significant point of this conversation was the assertion that the health department never wants to be your adversary but much prefers to be a guiding light and educational resource.  As we grind through our daily routines, we tend to not have a global perspective on everything that’s happening in our four walls. This is where they, and their objective perspective, come in.  

Ultimately, they aim for a safe public sector, and we just happen to be smack dab in the middle of the risk zone given the nature of our business.   
What we always need to remember is that we, as humans, are the most dangerous things in food service, and any knowledge we gain to mitigate the risks we impose should be welcome…even if it comes at less than convenient times! 

Bonus – click HERE  for a “cheat sheet” to not only prepare you for your next inspection, but, more importantly, to help you run the safest operation possible! 


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