Albert Preston, COO of iRiE Holdings and operator extraordinaire, dropped in to unpack some of the ups and the downs he has experienced in navigating the crazy world of 3rd party delivery.  

Given DoorDash’s prominence in NE Ohio, Albert suggests you start there, but that’s to say that you shouldn’t be visible on all major platforms! 

This isn’t just about sales opportunities today, but also marketing, or creating more and more opportunities for you to convert customer interest into sales down the road! 

Albert’s first pro-tip? Call and get a sale rep. Develop a partnership as you would with any vendor, and let them help you navigate the most effective path to more delivery at lower rates while profit is optimized.  

That’s not all of it, of course, but you have to tune in to get it all!  

DoorDash Uber Eats & Grubhub

  1. Get on all of the 3rd party delivery platforms
    • The typical consumer primarily, if not exclusively, uses on one of the major apps. Get access to as many potential customers as possible.
  2. Pricing accurate
    • Make sure that your pricing structure is in line with what the commission rate is
  3. Great presentation
    • Make sure your third-party delivery pictures are fantastic, especially if your brand isn’t a household name, this will trial more trial than a lot of other marketing
  4. Get a sales rep/ Know which system has the highest market share in your region
    • Call your merchant and ask for a sales rep. They will help teach you how to use their platform effectively and let you in on special promotions and potentially better rates.
  5. Learn to use the merchant platform
    • The amount of data and insights available to you can give you true insight into your business such as
      • Product mix on third-party and menu performance along with details on how well you’re executing your delivery business
      • Specific customer feedback
      • Know very specifically what they liked, didn’t like, where they live, are a premier app member
      • Ability to reach out to the guest directly to either fix issues or market directly to the people that just gave you a 5-star review
      • Learn where your guests are at and are able to look at the grid to help guide your decisions when expanding in your market
  6.  Use marketing effectively
    • If I told you that you would get a 4.4X ROI on marketing dollars spent acquiring new customers to your brand with almost no chance of cannibalization and only spent said marketing dollars when it worked, would you be interested? Try running a 15%-20% off promotion for new customers and you will be shocked at how well it works.
    • There are many ways to market using these platforms and can be adjusted to fit almost any budget
  7. Storefront
    • If there is one thing you learn from this podcast, this has the potential to impact your bottom line the most. Storefront is a delivery link, powered by door dash, that you can place on your website and social media. Instead of the commission rate that you are used to paying for gaining access to their user base (15%-30%), you will be charged 3% plus a $1 because it’s your website’s social media driving the sale. This is what big chains are using (multiple have national TV ads right now that are using this to fuel the promotion to the guest) to drive down their delivery costs and you can too, today, in less than an hour.


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