Gift Card Promotion:

Gift Card Sales on average DOUBLE during Holidays.

Everyone seems to do a Buy $ amount, Give away $ amount

  • What is your Non-Redemption Rate? 20% is the average
    • Be a little more aggressive if you are higher than that…
  • Call Business in area to promote for gift giving to employees
    • Have someone in charge of this each year.
      • Catering, Holiday Parties, Lunch deliveries, Gift Cards

Gifts with Purchases:

Have seen swag, apparel, and even retail bottles…

  • You can find companies that will produce your Sauce or Dressing that you can give away for catering throughout the year as well as Holidays.
  • Give away with Carryout orders
    • Brand awareness and promotion of future retail strategies.
    • Retail is tough… so have a plan.

Red Envelope Promotion:

  • Set up 4-6 different discounts – Small to Large
  • If 100 total = 5-10 Large/Freebies | 20-30 Medium | Balance Small
  • Give out during Holidays – Thanksgiving to New Years.
  • Need to be redeemed during the months of Jan – Feb when sales are lower
    • Make some with purchase
    • Make the larger winners be GREAT Value
    • Don’t be afraid to give away to bring traffic back in slower Months
  • Set periods of time so don’t create addiction to discounts

Host FREE Happy Hour Events:

  • Companies are booking their Holiday parties with you
  • Promote giving away a free Happy Hour with each booked event
  • Do Simple Buffet in bar area for them in January and February
    • Pasta/Inexpensive appetizers – Can probably do entire buffet for under $200
    • Set amount of people
    • Recoup on the drinks
    • Gather all contact information of attendees for future promotions

Incentivize Staff for all the above:

  • Create strategies and contests for the staff to promote and sell the above ideas


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