FairKitchens is a movement fighting for a more resilient and sustainable foodservice and hospitality industry, calling for change by showing that a healthier culture makes for a healthier business. It strives to make the industry fairer, more inclusive, and happier place to be to keep the talent ewe have today and attract the talent we need for the future.



Chef Kyla Tuori

Corporate Chef, Unilever Food Solutions

Chef Kyla has worked with Unilever Food Solutions for 15 years and currently works as a corporate chef for the Canadian UFS market. In those 15 years she has had the pleasure of working with a variety of influential chefs and gaining operational experience across the U.S. and Canada. As a certified chef, with a background in marketing, her work with Unilever has enabled her to support a large number of Canadian restaurant operators. 

Chef Kyla participates with a variety of culinary associations and local community organizations.  More recently she has been given the opportunity to work on the Fair Kitchens movement of chefs supporting chefs, looking to inspire a new kitchen culture, creating a more sustainable environment for the current – and next – generation of chefs and cooks. 

Chef Alvaro Lima

Corporate Chef, Unilever Food Solutions

Chef Alvaro Lima (Chef Alvy), is someone who loves everything about food. He’s from Chicago and enjoys cooking bold Latin Flavors, think of Modern Latin inspired dishes. He is a Culinary Alumni from the Technology Center and College of DuPage. Chef Alvy has worked as an Executive Chef for various establishments in Chicago, from fine dining to upscale contract catering. He is currently in his eighth year at Unilever Food Solutions as a Corporate Chef. Throughout his culinary career he has coached several culinary teams to compete at Regional and National level competitions, many of which have resulted in First Place Gold Medals. Chef Alvy is a Board Member of the American Culinary Federation Chicago Chefs and was recently inducted into Les Amis d’Escoffier Society- Chicago.

A quick fun fact about Chef Alvy is that he was a culinary intern at Unilever Food Solutions in 2005. He then was hired as the Test Kitchen Manager/Chef Assistant through June of 2008. Unilever has been a big part of his career and is happy to be back where it all began.

In his spare time, Chef Alvy enjoys cooking with his daughters and dining at new restaurants to stay up to date on food trends.


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