It’s not enough to show up.

As a leader, it’s your role to push the company forward. Just focusing on the day in and day out isn’t enough in today’s uber-competitive restaurant landscape.

You most likely don’t, or can’t, have all the ideas. So, where do you get your inspiration from? Where do you draw your insights? Where do you learn?

It’s essential to keep an open mind; to be a perpetual student.

The great ones are always on the prowl for new ideas and new ways of doing things. They will take ideation from any source and are quick to apply to their own operations within the context of their concept.

It’s all about the nuggets you can procure, and in this episode, Dave and Brian break down their favorite ways to garner industry intel!

And as they mention, a lot of it just boils down to mastering the basics at an extraordinary level.


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