Welcome back, dear readers, to our latest episode recap. This time, we had the pleasure of hosting the insightful Chip Klose, author of “The Restaurant Marketing Mindset.” With Brian Seitz and Anthony Hamilton guiding the conversation, this episode was nothing short of a culinary marketing masterclass!

A Glimpse into “The Restaurant Marketing Mindset”

The restaurant industry is notorious for its harsh statistics. Many establishments struggle to even stay afloat. So, when a veteran like Chip Klose comes forward with years of hands-on experience and academic know-how, it’s time to sit up and take notes.

In his latest book, Klose discusses the importance of shifting our mindset and implementing actionable steps when it comes to restaurant marketing. As he rightly points out, having a great culinary experience is just one part of the puzzle. Without effective marketing, even the best dishes might go unnoticed.

About the author

Chip Klose is a New York City-based restaurant coach as well as the host of the Restaurant Strategy podcast. He’s amassed more than two decades of operational experience in the hospitality industry, opening Michelin-starred restaurants and collaborating with numerous James Beard Award-winning chefs. He is a contributing writer for Bar & Restaurant and travels the country as a noted public speaker, giving presentations on marketing, operations, technology, and more. He earned his MBA in food marketing from Saint Joseph’s University, where he frequently teaches as a guest lecturer.



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