What if…

  • Babe Ruth stayed a pitcher and never got his chance to swing?  
  • Phil Collins never got his shot as a front man and he remained the drummer?


  • Most people who seem lazy in the workplace aren’t.  They just don’t love what they are doing.
  • A leader who puts their “aces in their places” knows:
  • The value of their people
  • The vision of the company
  • How to leverage each to bring out the best of both
  • The average leader fills positions based on need and experience.

Everyone on your team has a unique skill in some capacity

  • Are you allowing them to exercise it?
  • Are you nurturing it?
  • Are you leveraging it to your team’s advantage?

Put them in a position for 100% success

  • If they have a mastered skill that they love to do, find out how you can most effectively showcase it!
    • They will be happier in their work
    • They will succeed easily
    • They will do the best by your brand standard
    • Everyone wins
    • …or do they?

86 Cross-training?

  • Cross-training is, and will always be, incredibly important. 
  • You should never have only 1 expert at a particular position
  • You should, however, encourage stability and consistency amongst your staff and their positions

The Good

  • The employee is master of their domain
    • Optimum performance; optimum output
    • Individual and team success
  • Serves as a pride point
  • Great way to recognize skills

The Bad

  • Just because the employee is great at a job doesn’t mean they enjoy it
  • Monotony
  • Limited bandwidth of experience gained if not cross training


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