Whether you’re a trendy full-service restaurant or a new fast casual concept, LinkedIn marketing for restaurants is an effective way to get new customers and keep current customers coming back. It’s more than just setting up a personal and business profile. However, it does not have to be complicated when you know the best way to use LinkedIn to market your restaurant.

Here’s what you need to know.

Reasons to get serious about LinkedIn.

  1. Anyone who wants to deal with you will check here first.
  2. One of the best places to build “Your brand.”
  3. Trust and reputation.
  4. Nurture and generate leads.
  5. Reach beyond your regular network. Allows you to reach beyond our normal circle of influence and network.
  6. Allows you to be intellectually curious. A wealth of content and knowledge.
  7. Stay up to date on what is happening in your network.
  8. Groups that are hyper-focused on your interest/support.

Objections – Excuses

  • Don’t have time
  • Don’t have money
  • Don’t know-how.
  • I am afraid and hate social media.

LinkedIn Do’s and Don’t


  • Be consistent and always be publishing good content. You can never over post great content. 10X books
    • You can do this in the pool.  
  • Be interesting
    • Be an educator
    • Motivator/story teller
  • Make an insightful comment on other’s content
    • Have patients. You are not going to be Gary Vee in two weeks. (Probably never but you can still be very successful on the platform).
  • Use Hashtags #akronohio  #eventplanning #event #akronsfinest #eatlocalOhio #supportlocalbusiness #resturant #networking #togetherwearestronger
  • Tag people and companies. @EatLocalOhio
  • Be positive and lift people up.
    • Write a positive review for your contacts.
    • Tell your friends and family to follow you on social media.
    • Engage with posts and comments.
    • Try mentioning someone in the comments to get the conversation going

Do not

  • Try to be funny (you are not funny. Yes everyone thinks they are funny. Again, you are probably not funny). If you still think you are funny, check out TikTok.
  • Do not be negative.
  • Do not expect anything in return.

Your profile

  • How do you want people to see you?
  • Update your photo, banner, and info.


  • Who
  • Where
  • Connect
  • Thank you and give value.
  • Build a relationship.

How to connect

  • Like the post
  • Comment on the post
  • DM them
  • Call them Set up a time to learn more about them.
  • Ask them what their biggest pain point is. What problem do they have that you can help solve.
  • Ask them if you can help them. Servant mentality.


  • Educator
    • Did you know
    • Fact
    • Hook line –
  • Storyteller

This is how you post great content. 

Do not spam people with “wine down Wednesday” and “today’s happy hour special.”  Here are some sample ideas to get you started:

  • show gratitude to your staff and send dinner to their house
  • What makes a great lunch meeting
  • How to get lunch for the office.
  • 5 things to look for when picking a corporate caterer
  • How to find a good venue for your holiday party.
  • How to get pizza for the office (hint: it is not all vegie)
  • The gift of local independent restaurant gift cards
  • Did you know: We do catering, We host events, etc.
  • Talk about the chef and the owner.

Sample post:

___________ at the __________ restaurant is perfect for your next board meeting, pharmaceutical dinner, or other event! Call __________________ or inquire online ______________ #akronohio  #eventplanning #event #akronsfinest

_______________ wants to play our part in helping to save our _____________ retail and hospitality brands. With this in mind I’d like to invite my contacts and connections involved in __________________meet at your favoriate restaurant to catch up on all things business.  Let’s work together and do our brands to help save the great brands which make up ____________ Cleveland restaurant scene.  

I’m currently working with this hidden gem in ______________. This is a family-run restaurant and wine bar. Post-COVID they have had the ability to move their operation outside. The sun is out and it feels like being on holiday. ____________is perfect for anyone looking for a quaint location to meet colleagues or clients during or after work. The service is the best I have had. If you want to guarantee a table contact ______________ at __________________ however there is also plenty of outside covered space.

We are honored to provide comfort to our community during this time. If you like ________, you love ____________________! This week try satisfying some much needed cravings. Check it out:

A few more ideas are to draft post about:

  • Charity events;
  • How you’re celebrating the national  holiday:
  • Job openings;
  • Promotions and new hires;
  • Opening of a new location;
  • Cleaning policies and procedures; and
  • Menu items that service dietary restrictions.

Don’t be one but learn from them:



Email signature

  • Have an email signature line.
  • Add a link your LinkedIn page

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