In this episode, Brian and Dave dive into a topic that everyone has either participated in or received spam selling.

Email and LinkedIn especially are places where you can receive a lot of unsolicited selling.   Although the selling philosophy of “Some will, some won’t, so what” and “Sales is a numbers game” is 100% appreciated, there is a right way and wrong way to go about building a relationship and making a sale.

Things NOT TO DO:

  • Don’t make impersonal introductions.
  • Don’t scrap titles and companies into messages. Obvious and not genuine.
  • Don’t copy and paste the same message to everyone.
  • Don’t spam every one of your connections with your product or offering.  It probably doesn’t fit every person’s needs.
  • Don’t ask to “Steal 5 minutes” or tell them you’re “Not selling” when in fact you are!

Thing TO DO:

  • Engage in your connections content.
  • Acknowledge content in the direct message.
  • Compliment the content its ok to stroke the ego of your prospective customer.
  • PLAY THE LONG GAME!  Don’t expect meeting or sale in first couple interactions.
  • Provide value by continuing to engage and show interest business or content.
  • It’s ok to give intro to your company without asking for meeting or sale.
  • Take the time to personalize communication to the individual you are reaching out to. It will go a long way.

Listen to this fun episode to hear Brian and Dave giving examples and sharing how to do it right!

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Mark LaBarge

Happy Selling!


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