Time Management

  • Managing your time effectively is a crucial step in being healthy!
    • Balance is key to feeling good – if you’re good, you do good.  As a leader, everyone around does better too!
  • Even if work is amazing, it’s still stressful. 
    • Organization leads to better time management which leads to better work-life
    • But, just because you are organized doesn’t mean you are maximizing your time. 
  • Work-Life balance is a 2-legged stool. 
    • The 3rd leg is you, or your personal time
    • We give of ourselves to ensure everyone around us is happy, but we often de-prioritize ourselves
    • Exercise, meditation, quiet time, etc. 
  • Burn out is a slippery slope
    • Can be the difference between making great decisions and making decisions just so problems go away
    • Leads to selfish decisions
    • Incredibly difficult to recover from
    • Take the time out to rehab yourself!
  • Anxiety is a cycle
    • It feeds itself
    • It’s almost always worse than what it seems
      • Map out your anxieties, list them and reassess
      • You may find that the swarm of negative thoughts is not a swarm, but just a few issues that your brain keeps shuffling through
      • Subscribe to a system that you can achieve and overcome easily
  • Procrastination is the feeding trough of anxiety
    • Discipline now equals freedom later!!
    • Avoid instant gratification for sustainable happiness
    • The Snowball effect is real…and it’s a trap
  • Sacrificing yourself to help others is admirable.  Sacrificing too much of yourself to help others is destructive.
    • Favors are great, but teaching people to fish is much more beneficial for everyone.
    • Don’t box yourself in by “ambitiously” setting others’ expectations of you
  • Drowning in Emails?
    • Push them through the sieve of the Eisenhower Quadrant – where do they fall? 
      • Emails are not instant messenger – set the expectation with your recipients
      • Do now, do later, delegate or simply delete!! 
  • Allow yourself time to sleep on it, edit it, and ultimately deliver a much better product than you ever would by rushing in!


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