Generation Z or the I-Gen is a group of people ages 7 – 23 years old that will have a profound effect on your restaurant.

This group also will make up a large amount of your employee pool moving forward.  Knowing how they spend and what they want to get out of the work environment is important.  Listen to this episode to understand the following:


Realistic:  Grew up in a recession and the 9-11 era, not as coddled, and harder to sell to

Independent: More likely to want their own workspace, but like to collaborate

Digital Natives: Born into the Digital era

Private: More cognizant of privacy, tend to prefer 2me- bound content sharing

On-Demand Learning: More likely to pursue online or piecemeal learning

*Inc. Magazine 2017


  • 95% of Gen Z for 13 – 22 years old currently has a smartphone.
  • Over half of Gen Z use their smartphones 5+ hours a day.
  • Gen Z is mobile first and completely immersed.
    • How are you going to connect with them here?

Social Media:

  • 44% use social media hourly.
  • 41% of Gen Z prefer Instagram to follow a brand.
  • YouTube is second only to Google in search words.
  • TikTok is emerging platform that can be creatively utilized for marketing to consumer spend but also future employment.


  • 38% of Gen Z are still receiving money from parents (allowance)
  • 68% of Gen Z read at least 3 reviews before making a first time purchase.
  • 46% of Gen Z follow 10 or more social media influencers.
  • 52% of Gen Z are keeping tabs on 3+ brands on social media.


  • Gen Z is 13% less likely to look for employment thru job search website like Monster or Indeed.
  • 40% of Gen Z says they would use YouTube to determine if they want to work for a company.
  • Gen Z wants a quick way to apply for work and prefer mobile or online methods.
    • More than 60% say a job application should take less than 15 minutes.
  • 66% say they want feedback from their supervisor at least every other week.
    • 20% want feedback daily on job performance


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