86’d is a podcast hosted by long-time Chef Adam Stafford, intended to continue conversations about the challenging and uplifting aspects of restaurant and hospitality industry culture.  As someone in active recovery and a 15 year veteran of this industry, Adam has seen firsthand the many benefits of a positive company culture as well as the multitude of threats to mental and physical health that haunt this industry.  

With the podcast, Adam looks to provide informational resources, strategies, and insight into what effective leadership looks like in this industry, how an engaged staff supports one another, and how we, as individuals, can avoid the toils and pitfalls that ultimately lead to burnout, addiction, and other mental health challenges.

Adam also looks to give recognition and praise to the organizations across the country that have been founded to support the people that support the restaurant industry.  These organizations include Ben’s Friends, Restaurant After Hours, CulinaRecovery, and CHOW.   

Additionally, Adam is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with any teams that look to continue these conversations which include, of course, the Restauranttopia team of Brian Seitz, David Ross, and Anthony Hamilton.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Adam or the podcast can head over to https://www.facebook.com/86dialogue or https://anchor.fm/adam-stafford5 or wherever you get your podcasts!  


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