The Anatomy of a Great Social Media Post

Key parts of a good post:

A “hook” first sentence. Capture your audience’s attention with a fact, a question, or a “did you know,” or something interesting to get them to consume the rest of the content. Call to action

Digestible.  People are scrolling quickly on LinkedIn, just like any other platform. Break up the text and use good formatting. You are on a business to business platform. Format the text to make it easy to read for your audience. Make the content easy to scan with the eyes by breaking up the text into short sentences and indented paragraphs.

Great Photos and Videos.  Use a good photo and videos. Add text and adjust the size of the image using easy-to-use Adobe apps: Photoshop Express, Premiere Rush, Spark Post, Photoshop Camera, etc. Upload to the platform.

Hashtags. Every post should have relevant industry hashtags to offer the opportunity for your content to trend in a specific industry.

Use Emojis to spice up your post on LinkedIn  – ✂️ Copy and 📋 Paste Emoji 👍 No app required

Avoid outbound links. All platforms want engagement and for you on their platform. When it comes to social media, if you get it for free, you are the product.  Pro-tip: Limit outbound links to the comment section of your LinkedIn posts.

Tag someone or a company. If you tag a person or company it will increase the engagement with your post.


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