Everyone who has worked in the Restaurant industry knows the common goals.  Sometimes they seem very attainable and sometimes they feel like pipe dreams.

Sales Goals: Top line Revenue, Catering, Delivery, Events, etc.

Cost Goals: Food Cost, Labor Cost, Fixed Expenses

Profit Goals: Net Profit % and $

Menu Goals: Size, Quality, Pricing & Profitability

Many Others…

This episode goes into some basic mindsets regarding these goals and how to create systems to achieve them.  Goals are the object of a person’s ambition or effort, an aim or desired result.  This is the first step in accomplishing anything.  What do you want?  However, this is only the first step!  You will need a plan or System to accomplish this Goal.  Systems are a set of principles and procedures according to which something is done, an organized framework or method.

Book: Atomic HabitsGoals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results. Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress. Winners and losers have the same goals. Winners have the correct systems to achieve goals.  Can you achieve success without focusing on goals?  The author James Clear believes the answer is ‘YES’.  The object of winning a football game is to score more points, but if you spent your time staring at the score board that would be ridiculous.  How do you score more points?  Work every day to become better! Results don’t care about goals; the system takes care of it all.

Mindset: If you were trying to quit smoking and someone offered you a cigarette.  There would be two ways to decline that offer

  • No, I am trying to Quit, OR No, I am not a smoker.

Both seem similar, but the second response is an identity change and will create better results.

Pro Tip: If you need to be involved, It is not a system!

The real success in the restaurant industry comes from setting up systems targeting these goals.  Without Systems you are on a road trip without a car.  You know where you want to go, but it is a long walk!

In the words of three-time Super Bowl winner Bill Walsh, “The score takes care of itself.”

So how do we set up Systems?  Listen to episode as Anthony walks us thru a great example.

Always focus on processes that anyone can accomplish (within reason of course, Not asking the dishwasher to create new menu items)

  • If you focus on the systems, your goals will be attended easily.
  • Think of everything like a production/assembly line.  This thought process will help you put things in order and align everything to the end product/goal.
  • The production line should also serve the next step… Pals internal customer model.


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