You’re a Role Model…It’s part of the Job

Think back to your first job.  Whether you were a dishwasher, line cook, busser or host, the manager who brought you on board is most likely who you looked to for daily approval.  Many times, if they lived up to the task, you even modeled your behavior after them!  Why wouldn’t you?  Afterall, they were in charge of both your professional and financial wellbeing, and often served as the benchmark for success in your eyes. 

In a position of leadership, you become a role model whether you like it or not.  It isn’t up to you, and it simply comes with the job.  No matter the time or day, your behavior is being quietly monitored by those who look up to you! 

Great leaders are cognizant of this and understand the words they say carry tremendous weight.  They can truly mean the difference between a great day and a terrible one for those you manage even though they may seem inconsequential to you. 

As a leader, are you wielding this power with the appropriate level of responsibility?