There are many things that challenge a restaurant owner.  We wanted to take some time to narrow it down to what we feel the top Challenges (or as we like to call, Opportunities) are in the restaurant industry as we see it.  Each of these could be their own “Super Episode” and we may just do that in the future. 

Listen to this episode for the following:

  • Menu – Your menu is your #1 Marketing piece in your restaurant.
    • Decide who you want to be? 
      • Listen to Episode 38 & 39 – Chip Klose – Who are you for? Who are you NOT for?
      • This will help decide what type of menu need.
    • Size: Lots of selection or limited selection
      • Wow Factor in each category or Wow Item (Best of Best)
      • Why do it if you wouldn’t eat it?
      • Northstar Menu
    • Pricing – Price Benchmark your National and Local Competition
      • Benchmarking example attached.
      • “Pattern” Pricing difference.
    • How often do you analyze your menu?  2x per year is minimum.
      • Listen to Episode 18 – Menu engineering
      • Pull POS and look thru Top items in category versus last time.
      • Food Cost entire menu and keep in program that allows you to have up to date food cost based on current pricing.  Look at it versus last review and make price changes.
      • Be strategic with new items and price changes (different item, new price)
  • Service – Hire – Train – Retain – Recalibrate
    • Constantly interview and hire as you meet great people.
      • The average turnover rate in the restaurant industry is 73%
    • Train them properly!  40+% of people quit work in restaurants for the following reasons:
      • Not Trained Enough, Different work than expected felt neglected, Over-whelmed
      • All of these can be overcome with proper training.
    • Retain – How often are you checking in – 90-day reviews.  Have a checklist to go thru and rate them.  If you really want to have fun and be candid, have them rank themselves on the same list and see how they may differ.  Will start real conversations on self-awareness and perspective.
    • Recalibrate when needed.  Re-train, show them correctly, move the saltshaker! (Danny Meyer – Setting the Table)
  • Complacency
    • If you have ever said – “Not a big deal, it happens” you may be complacent!
    • Strive for Perfection with the realization that it will not happen.
    • If you aim for Perfection you may hit Excellence.
    • Best Known Way to do things.
    • Keep your eyes open – Front Door experience, Bathrooms, Employee Attitudes
    • Hire a secret shopper.
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