• How many of your staff work in the Marketing & PR department of your company?  The answer should be – all of them.  Most customers coming to dine in at your restaurant or picking up food to go may never meet the owner, chef, etc.  Their entire impression of your company could be formed by who served them, talked with them, etc.  Is your staff the best marketing for your company?

  • How many of your staff have ever been a customer in your restaurant?  We need to put our staff in the shoes of our customers so that they know what the customer experience feels like, looks like, tastes like.  Then, we can serve, delight, and wow them.  Make this an exercise you do doing your onboarding training with new staff.

  • How can your staff become skilled at marketing your restaurant? Train them on how to create an Impression that LASTS.  LASTS is an acronym for –
    • How you LOOK
    • How you ACT
    • How you SPEAK
    • What your TACT is (how you behave)
    • How you SERVE

We’ll never be able to Serve the part, unless we know how to first Look, Act, Speak the part.

  • It takes about 10 seconds for your customers to make an impression of your restaurant.  Everything we have in our restaurant, including our staff, makes an IMPACT for customers and prospects. 
  • Here’s a great exercise to do with staff to make sure your IMPACT points are solid.  Become your customer and implement the GOOD/COULD/SHOULD checklist. Look at all the impact points in your company (both people and branding) and determine
    • Which ones right now are GOOD. Let’s keep them this way
    • Which ones COULD we do something about in the next 30-60 days?
    • Which one SHOULD we take care of immediately?

About Bob Pacanovsky

An entrepreneur for 25 years, primarily in the hospitality industry, Bob Pacanovsky and his team created over 7,000 meetings, events, receptions (including catering 25 of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction events), and had one opportunity to create both a “wow experience” and a lasting impression (or a Black Tie Experience) on his clients and guests.
Now as a keynote speaker and strategic trainer, he uses his two decades of working “in the trenches” to teach companies and organizations how to focus on Service Excellence and Hospitality to cultivate more Brand Ambassadors for them.

When this happens, revenue, productivity, retention, and engagement for any organization, as well as its bottom line improve. And you create top-notch Customer Experiences that become Rememorable, Remarkable, and Referable. He calls them Black Tie Experiences. What will you call them for your organization?

Bob has worked with organizations and associations across the country in industries like travel/tourism, healthcare, hospitality, association management, attractions, banking, accounting, and more. He has achieved Professional Membership in the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is a Past-President of an NSA chapter.

Bob lives in Akron, Ohio and is a graduate of The University of Akron with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He serves on the boards of OPEN M in Akron, a Christian Ministry in (where he now Board Chair), the Greater Cleveland Partnership- COSE Advisory Board, and Jennings- Ohio Senior Living.



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