Supply Chain

Where are we now, how to combat the current climate and when will there be an end in sight?  

This is going to be one of the toughest stretches restaurants have endured even with increased booms in business.  The money will be there, but the supply chain is showing signs that the products may not be. 

There are numerous shortages across all industries stemming from raw material shortages, production issues, lack of freight, lack of labor and record-setting demand. 

So, just as the pandemic started, fast and furious, the public’s response to its trending downward is mirroring that.  Customers are venturing out in droves and it is great for the cash register.  However, how are operators dealing, and going to deal, with the fissured supply chain in the long term.  As of now, it seems customers are willing to be patient and incredibly understanding!   

…but, will they always be?    

What can restaurants do?

  • Diversion tactics
    • Take attention away from unavailable items with other items that are available
    • Offer better value
    • If unavailable, upgrade where applicable
  • Be transparent – do not over promise and underdeliver. 
  • Print menus in house or QR code format
    • Allow for quick pivots and work towards psychology
  • Lean into it
    • Use this as an opportunity to upgrade
    • Reinvent yourself or just certain facets of your business


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