On this week’s episode, we have Josh Lang of Pink Cloud Media. Josh cut his teeth in Las Vegas but started from humble beginnings with his first job at McDonald’s as a 15-year-old in Milan, Ohio. Josh talks about how your restaurant can open in a new location. Whether it’s across town or across the country, Josh gives you great tips on how to successfully open your next unit.

  • People will ask, what is Pink Cloud, and what do they do.
    • Pink Cloud is a creative consulting company the specializes with operational and marketing consulting in the restaurant world. 
  • What is a Pink Cloud? 
    • Pink Cloud Media was created with the sole purpose of helping businesses who may not have had the resources to help themselves.
    • Pink Cloud is defined as a euphoric state of mind, so the name comes from a place of being open-minded and creative when we work with our clients. 
  • Contant Info 
    • Josh Lang 
    • @pinkcloudmedia on all social platforms 
    • @JoshLangpc on all social platforms 
    • website: www.pinkcloudmedia.com 


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