How to effectively recognize employee’s excellent performance.

Define Excellent performance in your organization.

  • Anthony – give me an example of Excellent performance in staff?
  • Does each employee know the standard?

Everyone thinks they need to “Motivate their Employees”

  • My personal belief of motivation is like a pep rally – it doesn’t last.
    • Passion is the key. Does your staff have passion?
      • Bob Pacanovsky (2 Best takeaway)
        • Service v. Hospitality
        • People work for a paycheck… they stay based on how they are treated.

Start Employees off properly with orientation and training.  This instills in employee that you care about them and care about the business and is their first encounter and impression of your organization.

Things that Cost Nothing!

Basic Human need – Recognition – Baby’s cry for it… Grown men die for it.

  • 60% of Employees work harder if their efforts were better recognized.
  • Glassdoor – 53% of employees would stay at their jobs longer if more appreciation shown
  • During the Pandemic – When Employees were recognized in the past 7 days, they were 103% more likely to feel supported by the organization and 59% more likely to trust their leaders.  (I WISH I COULD BOLD AND CAPITALIZE THE SPOKEN WORD!!!)
  • Hillcrest Pandemic Story
  • Homeland Security – See Something, Say Something
    • So easy to see negative.  Look and recognize the positive.
  • Recognize in front of the group – when you do Que time – recognize someone.
    • Give the team time to recognize other team members (Manager seems given, Team member means something)
    • Recognize on Social Media
  • Pals Sudden Service – give the team a place to point out when someone does something extraordinary.
  • Wall of Fame – set up a place to display team members that went above and beyond.
  • Personalize the recognition (Cards, Text, Audio) – Performance, Birthdays, Work Anniversaries
  • “companies with recognition programs highly effective at improving employee engagement have 31 percent lower voluntary turnover than their peers with ineffective recognition programs.”

Pull out your Wallet!

  • Pandemic – What are you doing to recognize those employees that struggled thru this last year?
    • Care about their situations – Zingermans – 10% of profits go into Rainy Day Fund
  • Shut down and have Employee Appreciation Day
  • Personal Achievements – Marriage, First Kid, First House…
  • Contests for things that drive results to the company…




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