Episode 65 Drive More Revenue by Making  Your Restaurant More Family-Friendly

Is your restaurant family-friendly? Children are often making the restaurant selection for the family. The days of seen and not heard are over. The decision-maker in the family is now the children. What better super fan promoter can you have than kid’s clamoring to eat at your restaurant?

Families frequent places that have creative ways to make parents and kids feel more comfortable. Families want to be entertained and have fun at your restaurant. You don’t need a gross playroom like a national chain to drive families into your restaurant.

You probably already do the basics like, highchairs and a discounted kid’s menu, and changing tables in EVERY restroom. Here are a few pro tips on how to make your restaurant more inviting for families:

  1. Commercial Cotton Candy Machine https://amzn.to/3gkTmlc
  2. Provide colorful placemats or coloring books and crayons. 3D Augmented Reality coloring apps www.quivervision.com.  Placemats/ crayons
  3. Fast wi-fi. Most kids will have a tablet or phone which now they can stream movies or youtube.
  4. Amazing kids’ desserts. Only for good behavior and if you finish your dinner.   
  5. Games to occupy kids at the table. Consider offering prizes for completion.
  6. Offer order-ahead option to reduce wait time for food preparation.
  7. Hire a balloon twister or caricature artist to work designated family nights. Balloons with tank!! Inexpensive every kid gets one!!!
  8. Create a simple menu with amazing pictures to help them choose their meal.
  9. Provide giveaway prizes or toys for kids to take home.
  10. Offer child-size cups with lids on them.
  11. Popcorn machines
  12. Interactive trivia games

Educate and train your staff on how to serve families and procedures to promote better guest experiences for families.  Conduct brainstorming sessions with your team to come up with new and unique ideas to entertain families.

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