Yelp! It’s a Powerful Tool

  • Now, Yelp has become an undeniable power in the restaurant field
    • You need to leverage it
      • 97% of people read online business reviews prior to making a purchase
      • 85% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
      • 73% say that positive reviews make them trust the business more
    • Reviews are like tractor beams for consumers who already have an intent to purchase. 
      • If they are reading your reviews, they kind of want to spend money with you
        • Why not encourage them to do so?
  • Yelp boasts
    • 73 million monthly mobile users*
    • 100 million monthly desktop users*
    • It’s typically the first site that pops up when searching for a restaurant


  • They have done a lot to offer more interaction
  • Own your page; own the narrative!
    • You can control your profile
    • You can upload unlimited pictures
    • You can tell your story
    • You can engage with your audience (reviewers)
    • You can post ads, promos and push messages (paid) – they are already considering you, so this is pretty brilliant
  • They have great resources
    • Pod Casts
    • Blogs
    • Webinars
      • How to claim your business
      • How to handle reviews
    • Operator Town Halls
    • Newsletters on all things restaurants
      • Very credible sources, celebrity endorsements
    • A-Z Restaurant Articles
    • Yelp University – Quick Tips Videos


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