How to design a profitable catering program.  

Reliable and dependable Easy and fast

  • Answer the phone (They are not calling you back nor leaving a message).
    • Answering service
    • Marketing person / GM covering the phone
  • When is the pick up-time? How to pick up?
  • Easy to order online. Give sample orders.
  • Add video explaining what to order.
  • Take the pain out of it.

Marketing material with order on how to set up for the best experience.

  • Great photos – Not just average
  • Add videos with chef or catering manager

Catering Program Pricing and Design

  • Price your menu
  • Design so that it is easy to order
  • Photos on the menu
  • Configuration (Price per person) and ala carte

Who is ordering and who are you marketing to?

  • Office Staff,
  • Family Events,
  • Churches,
  • Schools and
  • Universities.

Hire a Catering Ambassador

  • Go out into the community
  • Call
  • Mailers
  • Market to LinkedIn connections



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