1 Using Linktree on your social media Bios.

Linktree and the copycat services are nothing more than a landing page. You can do better than that. There is a place that you can send people a list of links. It is called your website!!! Why is it a mistake to use services like Linktree? You are driving traffic away from the property that you own, i.e. your website.

2 Not updating your Google My Business and Yelp listing.

Breaking News!!!!! Everyone is using Google. Google loves Google and it is no secret, Google is going to send people to “Google My Business.” Update your photos and the contact information for your website.   

Source Yelp statistics 2021 by Josh Kopel

3 Using a PDF for a menu on your website.

Most people are going to look at your menu on a phone. A PDF is not a good user experience on a smartphone. The best way to display a menu is to make sure it has photos and is responsive. I have found the menus that are tied to your point of sales system work well and updates automatically.

4 Failing to communicate with customers.

Good or bad, respond to all online reviews. Failing to respond to your customers is horrible. People will tag your restaurant or write a review. Good, bad, or indifferent, you need to respond and interact with people. You need to be highly responsive on social media, local directories, or review websites. If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build a connection with your customers.

You need to quickly respond to comments, queries, booking requests, and questions sent directly to you via your website. The lack of a response will lead to serious disappointment, whether the person had a positive or negative remark.

Don’t go radio silence. How much catering, to go, reservations, etc. are you missing because you’re not answering the phone. Waiting 24 hours to respond to emails is too long.

Customers want instant gratification and need an instant response.

5 Bad Photos

Good photos are a must. Check out Eat Local Ohio or Eat Local Florida


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