Make Waiting for a Table Nice

  • On busy nights, keeping people waiting is hugely advantageous to your flow
    • Slow the pitch down and your team hits home runs easier
    • It’s a marathon; best pace wins
    • They have no expectation of food and service until they sit at a table
      • Once sat, the frustration clock begins
  • Is your host staff savvy enough to make this happen?  
    • Who is at your front door?
    • Stop putting the most inexperienced people in charge of the flow of the entire restaurant
      • A manager NEEDS to be there during peak times
    • Is your host staff prepared to tactfully defend the fortress?
  • Do you have a nice place for them to hang out?
    • Bars are busy on peak nights
    • Families don’t love bars
    • Can you create a space to make them feel comfortable?
  • Can you make them comfortable?
    • Couches, lounges
    • It’s getting cold
    • Free bubbles and/or snacks
    • Ancillary business next door?
    • Activities
      • Games
      • Photo ops
  • Treat them like customers
    • So often we avoid them for manifested anger
    • Check in, give updates, converse with them….


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