How to Get Off On the Right Foot When Starting a Restaurant Management Job 

  • Learn expectations of you
    • Orientation timeline
    • Measurable objectives
  • Keep your guns in their holsters
    • Adopt a Switzerland mindset
    • Understand, then act
  • Do nothing but learn names
    • Back stories
    • Take a vested interest
    • Build rapport
    • Listen
  • Everyone wants to impress you
    • Let them
    • Show them they have
    • Remember their name!
    • Spread the love – don’t home in on the early good-impression makers
  • Be vulnerable
    • Don’t hide mistakes
    • Model how to handle adversity, even when it’s your own
  • Learn every job
    • Don’t have to master it; just learn it
    • Empathy is effective for efficiency and personnel management
  • Your old job isn’t your current job
    • Stop comparing the two
    • You already impressed the company heads, you don’t have to try so hard to keep impressing – your actions should do that for you over time
  • Be visible
  • Throw up, not down
  • Command respect (actions).  Don’t demand it (words).


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