The magnetic culinary scene of Cleveland takes center stage on the latest episode of Restauranttopia! Our very own Brian Seitz had the pleasure of hosting two of the city’s most prolific food maestros – Chef Doug Katz and Todd Thompson. If you’ve been searching for an episode brimming with passion, delectable tales, and insights into what makes the dining experience memorable, this one’s for you.

This episode was more than just an interview; it was a culinary odyssey, taking listeners on a flavorful ride through the lanes of Cleveland, the stories behind two iconic restaurants, and the minds of two extraordinary restaurant professionals. If you haven’t tuned in yet, make sure to check out this delicious episode on Restauranttopia!

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Learn more about Amba

Amba is the newest addition to Chef Douglas Katz and Todd Thompson’s restaurant group. Located in the Hingetown neighborhood of Ohio City, Amba’s menu of shareable plates pays homage to the flavors and ingredients of India.
Learn more about Zhug

Follow Zhug on Instagram Zhug is a concept by chef Douglas Katz that offers Mediterranean Mezze in a casual, high energy urban space at Cedar Fairmount in Cleveland Heights.


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