There’s Risk in Revenue

A lack of outdoor dining means more customers inside.  Are they willing?  Are you willing? 

If nothing else is certain, it looks like we are going back to square 1. 


There is money going to be spent in the last quarter of this year… it just may not be counted by “Butts in Seats” – take some time to figure out your best way to capture these dollars spent.

We have been thru this and you can now prepare.

  • Take Out Everything
    • Digital Assessment
      • Maximize online presence – Online ordering, Mobile app, Social Media, etc.…
      • Be visible EVERYWHERE
      • Be engaging more now than ever…stay top of mind
      • Google for Business
      • Partner with someone to take our game to next level.  THIS WILL PAY OFF!!
  • Reduce Transactional Friction
    • Review your E-commerce platform
    • Review your online ordering systems
    • Do you have curbside?  
    • Consider delivery
  • Broaden Offerings
    • “Delivery Only” menus – maximize GP to fend off 3rd party delivery fees
    • Develop a new brand via the Ghost Kitchen
    • Partner with other restaurants to diversify offerings
    • Drinks, drinks, drinks
    • Meal kits
    • Family packs
    • Merch
    • Sell an experience – Live, recipes, virtual happy hour, etc.…
  • Holiday Meals for pick-up and delivery
    • Market Holiday meals – Turkey and Ham dinners with sides
      • Offer Bulk cocktails – not sure on laws everywhere for this
      • Do the Main Course to keep simple and ala cart sides to build ticket
      • Train service staff to take orders now while people are dining in.
      • Offer Discount for ordering before a cut-off.  Give impression of deal
  • Improve Your Quality
    • “Delivery Only” menus – maximize your quality by only offering those items that travel well
    • Packaging
      • Think it through
      • Test it out
      • Examples:  ALL sauces on side; hot items separate from cold items
      • Better packaging = better food
      • Is your food designed to be taken home?  Can it be?
        • If not, don’t offer it!
  • Enclose it
    • Heaters, heaters, heaters (The new hand sanitizer?)
    • Tents, tents, tents
  • Hibernate
    • Is not operating a possibility?


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