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The 25 best social media campaigns you can copy and use today. It’s designed to inspire you to come up with ideas that will drive more traffic to your restaurant from social media.

Download: 25 Creative Social Media Campaign Examples Your Restaurant Can Copy and Use Today

The Restauranttopia team put together this guide to help you do a Digital Asset Audit. A key requirement to managing your Digital Assets is to have a comprehensive list of all your assets, where they are located and who has access. We put together this Digital Asset Audit to help you get started today.

Download: Digital Asset Audit

Do you want to gain visibility into how your restaurant is performing? You need to collect and measure both marketing and financial performance through KPIs. (key performance indicators). This Excel worksheet helps you assess the performance of your social media tactics, both free and paid. When you sign up for our mailing list, you’ll receive our Restaurant Marketing KPIs.

Download: Key Restaurant Marketing KPIs