“We’re trying to build the Amazon of BBQ in San Diego.”

The ways of doing business are constantly changing. 

Restaurants are constantly changing. 

To get where we need to go, the internet is the vehicle of choice while people like Shawn Walchef are happy to drive. 

Since opening Cali BBQ in 2008, Shawn and Rositsa Walchef have constantly been evolving their restaurant. The newest iteration focuses very much on connecting customers with their fare with the least amount of friction possible. 

When they realized they could count on a 2-hour line of ravenous BBQ enthusiasts on every busy day, the wheels began to turn. 

They didn’t want to bank on the patience of these loyal fans as a sustainability model. Who will wait this long every time they come in? Why not make it quicker and easier? 

This is one of those instances where the pandemic helped an operator. While they were heading in the right direction, the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequent shutdowns, forced their hand. They jumped right in to the virtual kitchen game and began to shorten both the distance and time that laid between their customers and that amazing BBQ. 

This is the second time we have had Shawn on – we can’t get enough of his way of thinking. It’s different. It’s refreshing. It’s effective and it’s inspiring!


Since opening Cali BBQ in 2008, Shawn and Rositsa Walchef have incorporated the Bulgarian traditions of hospitality into every facet of their expanding business empire, from evolving their restaurant for 2020 and beyond with easy online ordering of BBQ online, to publishing podcasts and other digital media through Cali BBQ Media.

Cali BBQ Podcast — Digital Hospitality

Digital Hospitality is a weekly business and marketing podcast produced by Cali BBQ Media and hosted by restaurant owner and thought leader Shawn Walchef.


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